What's New?

What's New?

List of recent and up-coming projects.
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  • Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Interval Act - Swedish Smörgåsbord. Scroll down for full lyric.
  • Puck! The Musical
  • Sam Horwill's new album, Caught In The Light
  • Cirque For Life
  • Mark Hole's début album
  • Hiding in Public's new album
  • Translations for subtitles for the DVD of the avant-garde theatrical show "2"
  • Composition, orchestrations & sound design, for the 3-D animation feature "The Mouse Who Wanted To Touch A Star"
  • Matheson performing at the piano bar Montparnasse, Mykonos
  • New musical theatre CD of Matheson's songs
  • Celtic arrangement of Karen Solomon's Cosmic Lullaby
  • Orchestrations for Christos Alexandrou's new album One Look
  • Matheson interviews the Israeli alternative rock-band, Teapacks, on the political controversy surrounding their song Push The Button

Swedish Smörgåsbord

The Interval Act of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

Lyric: Matheson Bayley, Edward af Sillén, Daniel Réhn

I come from a country that’s hard to find
Somewhere near the icy pole
But though we are freezing, please bear in mind
Sweden’s gonna warm your soul

Our people are cold, but our elks are hot!
A horny horde in every fjord
Our moose may be loose, but they hit the spot!
On our Swedish Smorgasbord

A tour of our nation is certain to impress
We’ve quite a few surprises for you
A Swedish chef and Death playing chess
And a girl with a dragon tattoo


By winning this contest you get the chance
To host a show you can’t afford
But then sell your country through song and dance
Here’s our Swedish smorgasbord!

We’re green to our planet, with eco-pride
Recycling is in our hearts.
Mamma Mia! Ikea has gone world-wide!
Good luck assembling all the parts!

We’re strict and we’re structured, and seldom vent
Don’t show emotion; never whine!
Not easy to please, but we’re quite content
When we get to stand in line!

Does anyone know what this line is for?
Well… I’d better stay and find out…

Proper and polite and private is our style
Never ever talk on a train!
And if we see a stranger throw us a smile
He’s either a drunk or insane!

Every day we face it
Fly on up and taste it!
Try our Swedish Smorgasbord!

Beneath the midnight sun
The blondes have all the fun
And if you long for stockings, say “Amen!”
From Vikings we’re descended
It’s fright’ning what those men did
But see how we’ve evolved since then…

Our roles are reversing
Our daddies are nursing
In all of our cities
Though men don’t have titties
They can still stay at home to raise the kids

And our girls can handle their balls With the best kickline of them all…

You may now kiss the groom

Follow our example!
Come and try a sample
Of our Swedish Smorgasbord!

It’s time for some dinner – we pray you’ll stay!
Come and try our favourite course!
We eat all our meatballs the Nordic way:
Seasoned with a hint of horse

For Strindberg
And Bergman
And Celsius – all rise!
For Thor and Björn Borg
And the great Nobel Prize!
There’s Volvo
And Garbo
The best lingonberry
And all of our problems
Digesting our dairy!

We gave you Carola, and Waterloo
And Diggi-Loo – who all adored
We’ll take you to heaven, Euphoria too…

Come and join our party
Come on up and chill
There’s room for everybody
Gravad lax and dill

On our:
Aquavit, crayfish
Yucky salty liquorice
Randy Scandinavian race –
With H&M ’n’ Ace of Base –
Our hurdy-gurdy-super-duper
Swedish Smorgasboooooooooooord!

Puck! The Musical

Puck! - The Musical. Click to enlarge.
Puck the Musical
  • Puck! - The Musical, adapted from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with lyrics by Matheson and music by Errikos Vaios & book by Errikos & Matheson, Premièring at the Haven Amphitheatre, Sydney, Australia, 18th, 19th & 20th January 2013.

Sam Horwill's new album, Caught In The Light

Matheson Bayley at Real World Studios
Matheson Bayley at Real World Studios
Caught In The Light - album cover
Caught In The Light - piano by Matheson Bayley

Cirque For Life

Cirque For Life logo
CFL Logo

Matheson is currently working with the circus arts & HIV charity, Cirque For Life, as artistic director, musical director & composer.
Details of upcoming U.S. tour to be announced.
Visit the Cirque For Life website.

Mark Hole

Mark Hole — F#
(Click to enlarge)
Mark Hole - F#

Hear Matheson's orchestrations on the début album, F Sharp, of extraordinary singer/songwriter, Mark Hole. Release date to be announced.

Hear selected tracks at Mark's myspace page

Hiding in Public

Hiding in Public — Worlds Away, Yards Apart
(Click to enlarge)
Hiding in Public - Worlds Away, Yards Apart - front cover

Hiding in Public's new album, Worlds Away, Yards Apart, featuring orchestrations and performances by Matheson, is now available as a pre-release!

Take a listen (and/or buy)!

Fronted by Jamie Moses, known to many as the rhythm guitarist of Queen + Paul Rodgers, Hiding in Public is a pop rock project driven by songwriter David Holland.

Check out Matheson's orchestrations and performances on the following tracks:

  • Bikini Blue Sky (trumpets & soprano saxophone)
  • No-One To Save Me (string orchestra arrangement)
  • Sangria Evening (trombone, trumpet & alto saxophone)
  • She Was Mine (clarinet, saxophones, trumpets & trombones)

The tracks No-One To Save Me & She Was Mine both received awards from GarageBand:

Award for She Was Mine. Click to go to the award site.
Garage Band award for She Was Mine

Subtitles for "2"


For the hit avant-garde theatrical show, "2", by Dimitris Papaioannou (Δημήτρης Παπαϊωάννου), director of the 2004 Athens Olympics Opening Ceremony, Matheson translated the spoken Moldovan, Arabic, Albanian & Russian in the show into English for the subtitles for the DVD release.

"The Mouse Who Wanted To Touch A Star" — Cartoon

The Toy Soldier
The Toy Soldier - music by Matheson Bayley and Nassos Sopilis
The Mouse and The Toy Sailor
The Mouse and The Toy Sailor - music by Matheson Bayley and Nassos Sopilis

Matheson is currently collaborating with Taim-Laps Animation Studios and Greek composer and producer Nassos Sopilis, on a new CG animation feature: The Mouse Who Wanted To Touch A Star.

The book and lyrics are by the world-renowned poet and author of children's books, Eugenio Tribizas, and Matheson and Nassos have adapted and set poetry from the original book to music (+ orchestrations, production, sound design, and foley).

The première of the film is to be shown at Athens' largest concert hall, Megaro Mousikis (Μέγαρο Μουσικής), followed by a television broadcast on Greece's National Television Station, ΕΡΤ, and a DVD release.
Above: Pre-production sketches of three of the characters in the film.

Solo CD: "The Spice Of Life"

The Spice of Life
The Spice of Life - CD Cover

Due for release in April July 2013, Matheson's latest album, The Spice of Life, can be pre-purchased from this order form, or you can subscribe to the newsletter if you'd rather receive an email upon its release with details as to where to buy.
Featuring 4 rearrangements of popular songs & 10 eclectic original compositions by Matheson, the album vacillates between the satirical and the serious, the parodical and the pioneering, with as may hilarious moments as there are melancholy.

A few tasters from the album:

Somewhere Out There
A prestissimo patter-song with a politico-geographical bent...

The Countries Song
The Countries Song - Website Logo

See www.the-countries-song.com for more information.

...I'll search Belarus and Bahrain, Uganda and Spain
The Gambia, Zambia and The Ukraine
Trinidad & Tobago, The Congo and Togo and Tonga and Tajikistan...

Costa Rica, Barbados, Afghanistan, Egypt, Japan
Then in Cyprus, Benin, The Bahamas, Iran
Nicaragua, Monaco, Cuba, Nauru
Vanuatu, Lesotho, Peru:

I'll travel by boat or by bike or by train
Helicopter or hovercraft, parachute, plane
Because somewhere out there though I've no idea where
Is my dream come true...!” 

The Elements: Part II
Another patter-song: an 'update' to Tom Lehrer's original The Elements, exploring the heavy nucleuses discovered since 1959 when Tom penned a mere(!) 102 to the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan's I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General.
Extra verses take us up to 116 elements, followed by an intrepid foray into the tongue-twisting world of subatomic particle nomenclature...

The Elements Song: Part II
The Elements Song: Part II - Website Logo

See www.the-elements-song.com for more information.

Then came hahnium, dubbed 'dubnium', with dubious applications
— More protons in its nucleus than Cruella has Dalmatians!” 

But why reject cause and effect — the cosmic chain reaction;
The predetermined universe and physical attraction?
If up until they prove free will, you claim it's an illusion…
…We can all commit adultery and blame atomic fusion!” 

Karen Solomon — Cosmic Lullaby

A beautiful Celtic-influenced ballad written & performed by the soft, sensitive vocals of American-born Karen Solomon, and arranged & produced by Matheson.
The mix is scheduled for June 16th... Thanks to everyone who's expressed an interest, but please - no more emails! :-) It'll be posted here towards the end of June for all to hear!

And no, the rumours weren't entirely accurate! So, in an attempt to answer a multitude of emails in one posting, here is the instrumentation (all recorded live, save two samples):

  1. Bagpipes
  2. Clàrsach
  3. Cretan Lyre
  4. Kanun
  5. Saz
  6. Duduk
  7. Santur
  8. Ney
  9. Quena
  10. Palla de Lluvia
  11. Bansuri
  12. Sitar
  13. Chau Gong
  14. Shakuhachi
  15. Rebab
  16. Βιολί
  17. Oud
  18. Full Symphonic Western Orchestra

Christos Alexandrou — One Look

Christos Alexandrou — "One Look"
Christos Alexandrou - One Look - front cover of CD

Matheson worked on six tracks for Christos Alexandrou's album One Look, Play Music record label.

Born in Germany and raised in Greece, Christos trained at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London, and has starred in several musicals including the rôle of Jamie in Jason Robert Brown’s musical The Last Five Years, Joseph in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, and Phantom in the promotional campaign of the 2004 film: Joel Schumacher's The Phantom of the Opera.


Title Genre Origin Matheson's involvement
She's Like The Wind Musical Theatre Rock-Tango Patrick Swayze's song from Dirty Dancing Arrangement, orchestrations, programming, musical direction, production
Come What May Pop ballad From the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge Arrangement, orchestrations, various live instruments, programming, production
Make Your Darkness Light Pop Original composition by Nassos Sopilis Co-lyricist with Stratos Sopilis
Moving Too Fast Musical Theatre Jazz-Rock From Jason Robert Brown's musical The Last Five Years Piano, arrangement, production
If You Ask Me To Lie Ethnic Musical Theatre Ballad Original Composition by Matheson Music, lyric, orchestrations, production, various solo instruments
Remember Pop Ethnic Ballad James Horner's song from the hit movie Troy Arrangement, orchestrations, various live instruments, programming, production

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