Before You View

Some people have reported their browser crashing when trying to view the videos.
Please note that most people have no trouble at all, so go ahead and click to view the videos.
Should you be unlucky, however, the cause and solution are outlined below.

If all this technical stuff seems too daunting, go to Videos Technical Help for alternatives that guarantee avoiding the potential problem.

The (Potential) Problem
A error dialog box opens, as in in Fig 1. below, when attempting to view the videos.
To see a screen-shot of the error message, you'll need to scroll down a bit. (The blank space before the image is to avoid its being visible before this has been read. We don't want to frighten anyone who may think it's a real Windows message now, do we? Smiley
This is followed (in some cases) by your browser crashing with an irritating "Internet Explorer has encountered an unexpected problem and needs to close" message.

The Cause
There is a bug in the new release of DivX WebPlayer (version 1.4), which causes this instability. Note that you do not have faulty RAM, as you might suspect.

The Solution
This takes less than a minute to complete
Uninstall DivX Web Player 1.4 by going to:
Start > All Programs > DivX folder > DivX WebPlayer folder > Uninstall
and then install version 1.3

Once Version 1.3 is installed, ignore any future prompts to upgrade to the new version.

Fig 1. Screen shot of DivX Add-on dll error in IE
Screen shot of DivX Add-on dll error in IE