Full name: James Matheson Bayley

Matheson has been going by his unusual middle name (with which he was indeed christened) since his mid-teens, though "James" may still be heard to slip through the lips of his mother on occasion! Both the names "Matheson" and "Bayley" are of Scottish origin, owing to a distant ancestral link on his mother's side, but Matheson's only remaining association with the land of the bagpipe and the haggis is an interest in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

"Matheson" has been the middle name of several generations in the family, and is correctly pronounced "Math-son" Correct pronunication of 'Matheson' in the International Phonetic Alphabet, with only two syllables, as opposed to "Math-eh-son" Incorrect pronunication of 'Matheson' in the International Phonetic Alphabet, with three. Having said that, years of correcting people becomes weary, so even Matheson introduces himself 'trisyllabically' today.

Liz & Doni
Liz & Doni
Matheson's twin sister, Elizabeth. Click to enlarge.
Liz Fierro Bayley

Birth & Family:

Matheson was conceived through artificial insemination, along with his twin sister, Elizabeth, and born on the 15th of December 1978, Chertsey, England, at 6.47pm (17 minutes before his sister).
(Current age: 39)
Elizabeth, a professional dancer, is currently touring world-wide in a salsa/Latin duo with her husband/dancing partner, Doni, from Venezuela. Liz & Doni's website.

Jake Bayley - Matheson's nephew (Click to enlarge)
Jake Bayley at 2 months (Richard Bayley's son and Matheson Bayley's nephew)

Matheson also has a younger brother, Richard (born in 1981), who recently became a dad!
(Check out the cutest baby in the world: Matheson's nephew, Jake, at two months of age, February 2007)

Representation & Company Info:

Indigo Ivories Ltd
Matheson Bayley's company logo - Indigo Ivories Ltd


Matheson speaks:

6DalćFluent (this is a conlang of Matheson's)
8ItalianAdvanced, with significant gaps
9ArabicIntermediate, stronger in reading and writing
10MandarinIntermediate, far stronger in reading and writing than speaking
14TurkishIntermediate, somewhat restricted vocabulary, but superb grammar

Matheson also reads and writes fluently in the following alphabets/scripts:

  • Latin/Roman
  • Greek
  • Etruscan
  • Cyrillic
  • Arabic
  • Phoenician
  • Hebrew
  • Georgian (Mkhedruli)
  • Korean (Hangŭl)
  • Hiragana (Japanese)
  • Katakana (Japanese)
  • Chinese (approx 2000 hànzi (汉字))
  • Thai
  • Devanagari
  • Bengali
  • Sinhala
  • Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Dalć
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), very good at narrow transcriptions
  • Braille
  • British Sign Language
  • Morse Code

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