Teaching, Training & Awards


Ugandan flag
Ugandan flag
  • Matheson taught Western Classical Music (GCSE + A-Level equivalent), French, Spanish & Japanese for one year, living among the Busoga tribe, at Kiira College, Jinja, Uganda, 1998,
Prince Regent Theatre
Prince Regent Theatre
  • Taught music theory at Freddie Eldrett's Prince Regent Theatre Performing Arts College, Farnborough, 1996-1997
  • Taught music and singing in Brunico & Bolzano, Italy through Alphabeta, 2011-2013
  • Piano, aural development, improvisation, harmony — private students 1999 - 2018

Training & Awards

Hampton School emblem
Pic of Hampton School emblem
Royal Academy of Music
Pic of Royal Academy of Music
Erhu (二胡) — Chinese two-stringed violin
Pic of an erhu (二胡) (Chinese two-stringed violin)
Shrek 2 Logo
Shrek 2
  • Sang on the Greek language soundtrack for the DreamWorks block-busting movie, Shrek 2, which won the Oscar in 2004 for the best dubbed movie version

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