Lyrics & Writing

Lyrics & Writing


Norman the 'Misunderstood' Dragon
Cartoon Dragon


Music & Lyric by Matheson Bayley, 2000


As a dragon, I’ve an image to uphold
But there’s a stereotype with which I don’t comply
I should be menacing and scary, I am told
But I’m simply not your scary kind of guy

Chorus 1

I’m misunderstood
A teddy-bear with a reptilian design
To be bad would be good
Yes I would if I could
But the choice isn’t mine

I’m misunderstood
A monstrous intellect is easily misled
Other dragons, I am sure
Eat princesses by the score…
I’d rather chat with one instead

Verse 1

With my claws, jaws and wings
And my other pointy things
And my great, grim, grotesque, gruesome, grisly grin
If a damn’ damsel don’t dig deeper
Off her feet it’s hard to sweep ’er
For she never sees the puppy-dog that’s hidden within

Yes, I’m very well-endowed
(A fact of which I’m rather proud!)
Behold, the longest tail for miles around!
But I’m really rather shy
So when a knight comes riding by
You can guarantee I’m nowhere to be found

Chorus 2

There is an actor lurking in my heart of hearts
But ’neath this ugly outer shell
Is an angel trapped in Hell
Playing contradicting parts

Oh, misunderstood
’Twixt T-Rex and emu – I’m your missing link
My incensed philosophy
Is quite against gynophagy
Hence my sessions with a shrink!

Verse 2

I’m pyrotechnically able
(You can check in any fable!)
Belch; flame; ‘poof!’; burnt to Hell!
On charcoaled chicken I have binged
But my nostril hair gets singed
Though quick ‘n’ easy, I get queasy from the smell!

If she knew of my charade
When regarding my façade
Would a maiden in distress be such a mess?!
She has great expectations
Of violent violations
But I’m only interested in her dress!


I even was an odd-ball as an egg before I hatched
Discoloured, small, deformed and speckle-free
Oh, I didn’t ask to be this way!
I’ll pack my bags and fly today!
And join my cousin Puff in Honah-Lee

Chorus 3

Oh, misunderstood!
My rôle in life is paradoxical at best
I may receive a funny look
But I’d rather have a book
Than a human to digest!

So misunderstood!
But sod them all! I’ll stand my ground and never fall!
On the wagon’s where I’ve gone
But should my dragon-hood drag on
When in fact I don’t act like one at all?!

Matheson Bayley © 2000
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