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Lyrics & Writing

“Let Me Show You”

Satan domineering Victor
Satan holding man cartoon
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In the sections of the song with dialogue, This colour represents Satan, and black is his victim.
in the sung sections, the lyric offset to the right represents the backing vocals (minions of Hades!)

Let Me Show You

Music & Lyric by Matheson Bayley, 2000

Prologue by Narrator

The Day of Judgment is nigh. God is fighting a battle against the Fallen Angel — a battle for souls. The victor is to be decided by a count: he with the most souls will prevail and reign supreme over the entire cosmos. But with only days before Armageddon, the score is even. One soul either way will tip the balance.

In this song, Satan endeavours to convince his chosen victim to abide with him in Hell, where he will be granted a privileged, pain-free existence and freedom to do whatever he desire. If successful, God will become impotent against the superior size of the dark army, rendering evil victorious, and the universe – doomed to eternal damnation.

Dialogue over introductory music

Hey! – Who’s there?!

Shhh! – You’ll wake the dead.

Who are you? What do you want?

[walking into the man’s view:]Oh, you know who I am. [the man turns away]
As for what I want, well… it’s what you want that interests me.

I told you before…[spinning around to face Satan] I’m not interested!

[slowly and smugly]Oh, but you are. [pause]
You – [casting a spell on the man:]know you are…

Introductory Verse

Leave prayers behind
Let your cares unwind
Just as we discussed: trust disgust!
Lust or bust! They’re a ‘must’ combined!
Come, dirty mind! Let me show you infinity…
What a waste, to abstain!
Remain chaste?! – You’d regain your virginity!

Dialogue 1

But… Hell?!

Why yes. All those dreams; those naughty thoughts;
the life of risks you were too afraid to live;
your inner-most desires: they can all be yours.

But I… [he sighs, then says reluctantly:] Tell me more.

[almost whispering:]Close your eyes. Can you feel that — deep inside you?


That latent alter ego, just waiting to bubble over.
— I can turn up the heat!
I can strip you of the very thing that held you back on Earth… Yourself!



Let me show you a world I call Hades,
Where inhibitions are kept under a lid.
I’ll suppress all those doubts, all those maybes,
And redefine the I.D. of your id!

Verse 1

Oh, this, you see, is the sacred text to me
I’m sure this’ll suit ya — page four, Kama Sutra! — What ecstasy!
Falsity — the superior policy!
You’ll soon want to stay when you get your own way, that’s my prophecy.

Dialogue 2

You see boy — anything goes!

[smirking] But how do I know… I mean, what would I be allowed to…

[interrupting:] Like I told you before: absolute freedom
[hurriedly](within the confines of my realm, naturally), but nonetheless — freedom.

Everlasting enjoyment, eternal euphoria, pleasure forever.
No limits, no exceptions, no strings.

But what do you care anyway? What’s so special about me?

Methinks the boy doth flatter himself too much.
You are of no consequence; what you represent is.


[angrily:] Look! This is no small-time soul-selling game!
[suddenly calm:] The stakes are somewhat higher on this occasion.
I have bigger fish to burn. You are but a maggot, and you shall…
[casting another spell:] wriggle!

Just think of me as a generous genie who’s granting you infinite wishes;
infinite opportunities and infinite time with which to use them.
I’m offering you an existence of pure, unadulterated decadence – never-ending!

You mean, I can do whatever I want? [smiling] — Anything?!

Take risks; have fun; play the game;
(Hedonism’s my middle name). — Shall I draft you a deed poll?


You gotta live a little! Imagine: you die, then you live!
And I don’t just mean ‘live’; I’m talking…

Verse 2

Morality is a humdrum reality
Come and choose! You can’t lose! Why refuse
Las Vegas calls, it’s your lucky day,
All you’ve got, in the slot, win the lot!
– That’s the Midas way!

Don’t fear
Guide us!
Provide us!

Superstar: champagne and caviar…
What?! — That stuff ain’t enough? — Have a puff
On a big cigar.

From our bizarre bazaar!

Hello thermosphere:
Powdered mirrors and snorting gear.
Misspent youth? – Face the truth!
— You can live it again down here!

Don’t fear
My dear
He’s quite sincere!

Dialogue 3

[turning abruptly away:] Er, I dunno. It sounds good, but…[shouting:] No! This is wrong! [quieter and angrier:] All the pain and misery I’ve ever felt is because of you. All the ‘bad’ in the world — your doing!

Allow me to explain… [he casts another spell]
It’s a delicate balance:

[robotically:] Delicate…balance.


Just as when what you eat becomes boring
You conclude that your food requires spice
And variety's well worth exploring
Tell me, oughtn’t a vice be more naughty than nice?!

What can hurt (or pervert) is imperative
Just as sunshine's no fun without rain
Yes, comfort and joy are but relative
So I ask — what’s a world without pain?

[Satan pokes a succubus in the side with his pitchfork]

But isn’t it, like, hot down there?

Well naturally fire is destructive…
-But heat can be very seductive…
-And soul, from ashes, the physical world transcends…

-So rather than counterproductive,
-Indirectly, a flame is constructive,
So combust!
– (What’s a blister or two between friends?!)

Verse 3

Look at them! S ‘n’ M? – Don’t condemn what you haven’t tried
It’s a leisure pursuit where the pleasure’s acute – Jekyll hiding Hyde!
Experiment: sexual combustion – spontaneously…
Come and enjoy these two girls – and this boy – simultaneously!


Inducing kicks; by fixing tricks
The Earth’s the limit!
No crucifix – just ‘six, six, six’
You wanna cross the River Styx? – You can swim it!
Or make a many-backed beast
With your mother and a priest
Though often interwoven Ophanim and Seraphim are wont to overbrim it!

I beg your par…

Just an option!

Where do I sign?

That’s better!

Despite the grim fire and brimstone all around,
And the malevolence for which I am renowned,
The mood is still persuasive, (and prurience pervasive!),
In this den of degradation underground!

Verse 4

Oh! Don’t be scared,

Sign or risk disrepute!

Take the daring route…

Take the dark and the daring route!

Come tonight, Eve was right, take a bite
Of forbidden fruit!

Aim his soul at the goal and shoot!

Oh, sing with me

Sing along to our song…

In my discordant tonality!

Though a harp up in Heaven’s
On sharpened elevens
We blast when we’ve finished
A nasty diminished!


Oh, Heaven’s just as well,
But far more tedious than Hell,
So put convention well behind you,
And let mischief come and find you,

Being good can be so boring,
So let’s all go soul exploring,
Where my minions are guffawing,
And the concubines are whoring,
And hang-ups are thawing,
Libidos are soaring,
So scream for Hell-leather –
We’ll all live forevermore…!

(Come see what’s in store…)

Let me show you
The world below you,
Let me show you…

[he signs]

Now there’s a good boy.

…my world!

Matheson Bayley © 2000
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