How will your donation be used?

How will your donation be used?

It's an expensive business, and every little bit helps...

If you clicked on this link because you believe Matheson Bayley's music might be worth sponsoring, then thank you.
Some of the many and varied expenses of the music business include:

  1. Recording studio time, sound-engineers, hard-/software upgrades etc
  2. Hiring of session musicians, solo instrumentalists/bands/orchestras, orchestral booking managers etc
  3. CD mixing, mastering, printing etc

...and yet, it is not so much for these expenses that donations will be used...

Despite the high cost of writing/producing a show or even merely recording an album, the most underestimated factor is time.

A donation from you will mean a little less time devoted to the bread-and-butter jobs of the music industry, and more time spent on real art.

Also, website maintenance, music manuscript printing, technical problem solving, contract negotiations etc, are wont to bog down the freelancing musician, hampering creativity. Donations can therefore be thought of as facilitating Matheson's output by relieving extraneous burdens. After all —

— a wise man

Art is only created
if the artist has time to create.

Should you wish to sponsor a specific project, to contribute to the financing of a recording, or have any other questions, see Contact.


Are donations tax-deductible?

Unfortunately, in the United States, donations are not tax-deductible unless they are made to non-profit organizations (such as 501(c)3 charities) with government authorisation to provide tax exemptions. We have no information regarding other countries — sorry.

How will my contribution be recognised?

Be it in a CD booklet, theatre programme or any other printed medium, your name will be listed in the acknowledgements of the project to which your donation contributed, unless you request otherwise. Your name can also be added to this site, should you so wish.

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