In the studio...
Matheson Bayley in the recording studio

Orchestrations for new album: Mark Hole

Mark Hole — F#
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Mark Hole - F#

Hear Matheson's arrangements and orchestrations on the début album, F Sharp, of extraordinary singer/songwriter, Mark Hole.

The track My Friend from the album, featuring brass band & fife arranged and performed by Matheson, was awarded Track of the Week by Mars Planets Radio.

Hiding in Public

Hiding in Public — Worlds Away, Yards Apart
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Hiding in Public - Worlds Away, Yards Apart - front cover

Hiding in Public's new album, Worlds Away, Yards Apart, featuring orchestrations and performances by Matheson, is now available as a pre-release!

Take a listen (and/or buy)!

Fronted by Jamie Moses, known to many as the rhythm guitarist of Queen + Paul Rodgers, Hiding in Public is a pop rock project driven by songwriter David Holland.

Check out Matheson's orchestrations and performances on the following tracks:

  • Bikini Blue Sky (trumpets & soprano saxophone)
  • No-One To Save Me (string orchestra arrangement)
  • Sangria Evening (trombone, trumpet & alto saxophone)
  • She Was Mine (clarinet, saxophones, trumpets & trombones)

The tracks No-One To Save Me & She Was Mine both received awards from GarageBand:

Award for She Was Mine. Click to go to the award site.
Garage Band award for She Was Mine

Matheson's Solo CDs:

Solo CD: "The Spice Of Life"

— a collection of comic songs, novelty numbers, musical theatre ballads, written, produced and performed by Matheson, Indigo Ivories label, 2008.

The Spice of Life
The Spice of Life - CD Cover

Due for release in April July 2008, Matheson's latest album, The Spice of Life, can be pre-purchased from this order form, or you can subscribe to the newsletter if you'd rather receive an email upon its release with details as to how/where to buy.

Featuring four rearrangements of popular songs and ten eclectic original compositions by Matheson, the album vacillates between the satirical and the serious, the parody and the pioneering, with as many hilarious moments as there are melancholy.

A few tasters from the album:

"Somewhere Out There"

A prestissimo patter-song with a politico-geographical bent...

The Countries Song
The Countries Song - Website Logo

See www.the-countries-song.com for more information + to hear the mp3.

...I'll search Belarus and Bahrain, Uganda and Spain
The Gambia, Zambia and The Ukraine
Trinidad & Tobago, The Congo and Togo and Tonga and Tajikistan...

Costa Rica, Barbados, Afghanistan, Egypt, Japan
Then in Cyprus, Benin, The Bahamas, Iran
Nicaragua, Monaco, Cuba, Nauru
Vanuatu, Lesotho, Peru:

I'll travel by boat or by bike or by train
Helicopter or hovercraft, parachute, plane
Because somewhere out there though I've no idea where
Is my dream come true...!” 

"The Elements Song: Part II"

Another patter-song: an 'update' to Tom Lehrer's original The Elements, exploring the heavy nucleuses discovered since 1959 when Tom penned a mere(!) 102 to the tune of Gilbert & Sullivan's I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General.
Extra verses take us up to 116 elements, followed by an intrepid foray into the tongue-twisting world of subatomic particle nomenclature...

The Elements Song: Part II
The Elements Song: Part II - Website Logo

See www.the-elements-song.com for more information + to hear the mp3.

Then came hahnium, dubbed 'dubnium', with dubious applications
— More protons in its nucleus than Cruella has Dalmatians!” 

But why reject cause and effect — the cosmic chain reaction;
The predetermined universe and physical attraction?
If up until they prove free will, you claim it's an illusion…
…We can all commit adultery and blame atomic fusion!” 


CD with Alex Panayi: "Native Hue"

Eclectic multi-lingual CD with a theatrical philosophy, 2004, starring Alex Panayi on lead vocals, featuring Greek pop legend Σοφία Βόσσου (Sofía Vóssou), lead singer of girl-band Hi-5 — Μαρλαίν Αγγελίδου (Marlen Angeledis), and the London Community Gospel Choir.

To buy, see Shop

Matheson Bayley & Alex Panayi - "Native Hue"
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Matheson Bayley - Native Hue - front cover of CD

Freshly interpreted cover versions of popular European songs from fourteen countries, presented in a panoply of genres varying from Swing & Bossa Nova, through Gospel and Ethnic Funk, to C&W & Baroque counterpoint.

Recorded in London, Cyprus & Greece, 2004, with Cypriot vocal genius Alex Panayi.
Link to an encyclopædic article about Alex Panayi

Track 3 features the London Community Gospel Choir
Track 8 features the guest vocals of Sofia Vossou
Track 9 features the guest vocals of Marlen Angelidou

John Park, Fringe Report
(review of "Native Hue")
very emotional piano opening;
elegant rich and romantic, delivered with full
poetry; bursts of astonishing piano excitement;
piano runs in and out of the vocal with outrageous
virtuosity almost circus-like excitement []

skin-prickling, full-blooded emotional power:
drama, passion, throbs with sex.
Piano is histrionic, precise, passionate; exuberant
showmanship coupled with showbiz razzmatazz and
Chopin-esque precision. []

Matheson Bayley is Liberace for the 21st Century.

Arranged, orchestrated & edited by Matheson. Produced by Matheson and Alex.

The songs are sung in the languages listed below — lead vocals, Alex Panayi — with Matheson singing as a duet with Alex on Tracks 2, 5, 7, 14 & 15. Matheson also sings backing vocals on tracks 5 & 12, and can be heard playing trombone on track5, double bass on track 10, guitar on track 2, and piano wherever it is heard.

Track Listing:

1 Nacida Para Amar Spanish
2 Where Are You? English, Dutch, Finnish, Turkish, Dalć & Greek
3 Fångad Av En Stormvind Swedish
4 C'est Le Dernier Qui A Parlé French
5 Dinge-Dong Dutch
6 Lep Poletni Dan Slovenian
7 Dinle Turkish
8 Aniksi (Άνοιξη) Greek
9 Nómiza Pos Tha'Nai Fteroúgisma Cypriot
10 Lusitana Paixão Portuguese
11 Shara Barkhovot Hebrew
12 Johnny Blue German
13 Rapsodia Italian
14 ESC Kids Irish, with original spoof lyric by Matheson (View lyric)
15 Ya Hatiri Sou Greek language version of track 7
Matheson on double bass
Matheson Bayley on double bass

To listen to excerpts from Native Hue, double-click the track title you want to listen to.
There may be a delay of a few seconds before the music starts...Still can't hear it? — See technical help

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Solo CD: "ESC 2003: Piano Improvisations"

Matheson Bayley - "ESC 2003: Piano Improvisations"
Matheson Bayley - ESC 2003 Piano Improvisations - front cover of CD

Solo piano CD, 2003, with 16 tracks performed by Matheson, each in a very different style, including one piano/voice with Matheson singing in Latvian his rearrangement of Issavienojums as a ballad.

To buy, see Shop

John Park, Fringe Report
(review of "Piano Improvisations")
Fabulous, emotional, robust, pizazz,
over-the-top exuberance
outrageous and unapologetic.

Track Listing:

1 Slovenia Arpeggiated Virtuoso Transcription
2 Croatia Jazz, Kossak Dance & Glissandomania
3 Ukraine Stride Trad Jazz
4 France Ethno-Ballad
5 Russian Federation Rachmaninovian Disco
6 Bosnia-Herzegovina Tango
7 Portugal Ballad
8 Spain Oneiric & Dance Beat
9 Belgium Nocturne
10 Turkey Extravaghastly
11 Cyprus Modern Jazz
12 Austria Um-Cha, Maestoso & Waltz
13 Germany 7/8 Dance
14 United Kingdom Beethovian, à la "Moonlight Sonata"
15 Norway Dedicated to Nina Simone, in the style of her classic interpretation of "You'll Never Walk Alone"
14 "Issavienojums" Latvian language Version of "My Star", Latvian Entry ESC 2000 — Piano & Vocals, Matheson Bayley

Upcoming Solo CD: "Indigo Ivories"

— Matheson brings his distinctive dramatic orchestral playing to interpretations of 15 musical theatre and popular songs on solo piano. Due for release May August 2008, Indigo Ivories label.

Matheson Bayley - "Indigo Ivories"
Indigo Ivories

CDs including Matheson compositions/orchestrations/production:

Christos Alexandrou - "One Look"
Christos Alexandrou - One Look - front cover of CD
  • Christos Alexandrou’s 2006 album One Look (featuring Matheson’s compositions, orchestrations & production), Play Music, 2007


Title Genre Origin Matheson's involvement
She's Like The Wind Musical Theatre Rock-Tango Patrick Swayze's song from Dirty Dancing Arrangement, orchestrations, programming, musical direction, production
Come What May Pop ballad From the Baz Luhrmann film Moulin Rouge Arrangement, orchestrations, various live instruments, programming, production
Make Your Darkness Light Pop Original composition by Nassos Sopilis Co-lyricist with Stratos Sopilis
Moving Too Fast Musical Theatre Jazz-Rock From Jason Robert Brown's musical The Last Five Years Piano, arrangement, production
If You Ask Me To Lie Ethnic Musical Theatre Ballad Original Composition by Matheson Music, lyric, orchestrations, production, various solo instruments
Remember Pop Ethnic Ballad James Horner's song from the hit movie Troy Arrangement, orchestrations, various live instruments, programming, production
Hi-5 - "Μακριά Απ' Αυτή Τη Γη"
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Hi-5 - Μακριά Απ' Αυτή Τη Γη - front cover of CD
  • Vocal arrangements for the songs Επιστροφή (Epistrofí), Μπούρου-Μπούρου (Boúrou-Boúrou), and the chart-topping Γεννήθηκα Ξανά (Yenníthika Ksaná), (which went Double Platinum) — from Greek pop group Hi-5’s third album: Μακριά Απ’ Αυτή Τη Γη (Makriá Ap’ Aftí Ti Yi), which also went Double Platinum, Warner Music, 2004
Lisa Andreas performing "Τώρα Και Πάντα"
Lisa Andreas performing Stronger Every Minute
  • Matheson co-wrote the lyric, with Andrew Adams, for Τώρα Και Πάντα ("Now And Forever") — Greek language version of Stronger Every Minute (View Lyric), the Cypriot entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, 2004, sung by Lisa Andreas + arranged and produced both a rock ballad version for RIK Cypriot Television's Song For Europe and a musical theatre version with Lisa singing and Matheson on piano

Other CDs featuring performances by Matheson:

Lakis Papadopoulos - "Den Eho Stigmes"
Lakis Papadopoulos - Den Exo Stigmes - front cover of CD
  • Treble Recorder, Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone & Trumpet on Λάκης Παπαδόπουλος' 13th album, Δεν Έχω Στιγμές, EMI 2006
  • Piano for Amazing Grace, Love's Promised Land & A Stranger's Smile on Indonesian artist Joy Destiny Tobing's 4th (début international) album, 2005
  • Backing Vocals for recording of the Sákis Rouvás pop song Shake It which reached number 1 in several charts having achieved 3rd place at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, EMI 2004
Joy Tobing - "Rise"
Click to enlarge.
Joy Tobing - Rise - front cover of CD
Sakis Rouvas - "Shake It"
Sakis Rouvas - Shake It - front cover of CD single

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