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For as long as most of us remember, the internet has been plagued by autonomous 'email harvesting robots' that scuttle across the web in search of unsuspecting victims to spam... We like to think of them as pernicious cyber-spiders - minions of Hades - who left their nether-web to invade the World Wide Web.

Contact emails (+ postal addresses & phone numbers) are listed below, but in order to thwart the evil arachnobots' ploy, the email addresses have been 'spam-proofed' with the insertion of the word "REMOVE" before the ".com".

As a result, it isn't possible to simply 'click-to-email' from this site. Apologies for the inconvenience. Instead, you'll have to copy and paste an email from this page, and then delete the part of the address that says "REMOVE" for the actual address.

Thanks for joining the AAAA! (Arms Against Arachnobot Abuse: "Bringing ambrosia to brimstone") — Contact Info

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To contact Matheson directly:
+44 7970 909 909
(07970 909 909 from within the UK)
(remove the "REMOVE" for actual email address)


(for bookings, quotes/negotiations, proposals/sponsorship, etc):

+1 773 505 5054
(remove the "REMOVE" for actual email address)

Dr Jerry Olson
3450 North Lakeshore Drive
Apartment 3901
Illinois 60657

Press packs & information requests:
(remove the "REMOVE" for actual email address)

Indigo Ivories Ltd
(Press & Information)
1 Magdalen Crescent
West Byfleet
Surrey KT14 7ST
United Kingdom


For any purchase-related enquiries, contact:
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For technical support, contact:
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To send comments, criticisms or queries regarding this site, contact:
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Indigo Ivories Ltd
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