Composing & Arr.

Composing & Arr.

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Matheson's 1st Piano Concerto, Rhapsody In Black & White, was his first major composition. Written for the composition module of the A-Level Music examination while aged 17, and examined through the Oxford, Cambridge & Royal Society of Arts Board, the concerto earned Matheson the highest mark in the United Kingdom in 1997.

In 1998, Matheson was awarded one of the three much-sought-after places on the Media & Applied Music Composition course at London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music after being auditioned by Hollywood conductor Nick Ingman.

Other works include:

Applause, Applause - the cast
Pic of the cast of Applause, Applause
Puck! - The Musical. Click to enlarge.
Puck the Musical
  • Puck! - The Musical, adapted from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, with lyrics by Matheson and music by Errikos Vaios & book by Errikos & Matheson, Premièring at the Haven Amphitheatre, Sydney, Australia, 18th, 19th & 20th January 2013
  • Viola concerto Khórepse for the Etchingham Festival, commissioned by Rev Robert Dixon, 2000
  • With Nassos Sopilis, composer, orchestrator, and producer for the Eugenio Tribizas musical CG animation feature The Mouse Who Wanted To Touch A Star, with Taim-Laps Animation Studios & ΕΡΤ, 2007
The Mouse and The Toy Sailor
The Mouse and The Toy Sailor - music by Matheson Bayley and Nassos Sopilis
Disney's Make Mine Music
Pic of Disney's Make Mine Music DVD cover
  • Jazz vocal transcriptions for Benny Goodman's All the Cats Join In on the dubbing session of Disney's 1946 classic Make Mine Music, for the DVD release 2007
  • Jazz arrangements of numbers from West Side Story + arrangements & orchestrations for the overture to Applause, Applause, London Palladium, 1997
Viola Concerto
Pic of a viola
  • Music for two Atari computer games by Flip Screen Entertainment, 1996
  • Matheson's piano arrangements of popular Icelandic songs were used on the quiz show Meistarinn with Logi Bergmann Eiðsson for Stöð 2, Icelandic TV, 2006
  • String arrangements for Hiding In Public's 2008 album on the track No-One To Save Me, and New Orleans jazz band arrangements for the track She Was Mine. Both received awards from GarageBand:
Award for She Was Mine. Click to go to the award site.
Garage Band award for She Was Mine
Meistarinn Quiz Show. Click to enlarge.
Meistarinn Quiz Show with arrangemets by Matheson Bayley
Mark Hole — F#
(Click to enlarge)
Mark Hole - F#
  • Hear Matheson's Arrangements and orchestrations for the début album, F Sharp, of extraordinary singer/songwriter, Mark Hole, 2008
  • Theo Adams' performance piece, “Make it Happen”, featuring orchestrations by Matheson of Lena Zavaroni's “Going Nowhere”, for Frieze Art Week (sic.), London and the “OPTIMISM: THE ART OF OUR TIME” exhibition.
Tara O'Shea,
22nd October 2008
Then the finale, orchestrated by the
gifted musical theatre composer Matheson Bayley,
saw Theo singing his interpretation of "Going Nowhere",
as the near naked dancers were draped
around the metal scaffolding bellow
leaving behind a twinkling urban wasteland
and an audience left in shock and awe.
Theo Adams
(Click to enlarge)
Theo Adams
  • Comedy Musical Theatre Review — The Spice of Life, recorded in Chicago with twenty-one deps from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, 2003
  • Sonic logo for Psyon's Digital Radio Wave Finder advertising campaign, 2000
  • Setting of the John Clare poem December to music for choir and organ, performed by Benjamin Costello's Kingston Chamber Singers, 2001
  • Two pedagogic mnemonic songs for the Japanese Institute, London, for Japanese children to memorise the hiragana (ひらがな) & katakana (カタカナ) alphabets, 1998
Psyon's Wave Finder
Pic of Psyon's Wave Finder
John Clare, poet, 1793 – 1864
Pic of John Clare
Japanese Katakana Song
Pic of Katakana alphabet and Japanese flag
  • Anna Vissi's (Άννα Βίσση) 2007 world tour – Arrangement & Transcriptions for Ain't No Other Man
  • Eurovision 2003: Piano Improvisations — solo piano CD available for purchase from the musical theatre shop Dress Circle, London, or from this site, here.
  • Medley of Queen songs, Royal Academy of Music's Musical Theatre Course, 2002
  • Organ concerto for the late Raymond Carls' memorial service, 1999
  • Various songs for Mary Hammond's Musical Theatre Course annual showcase & Christmas concerts at RAM, 2000-2002
  • Native Hue"Eurovision Classics Revisited", with Alex Panayi, 2004 — CD available for purchase from the musical theatre shop Dress Circle, London, or from this site, here.
Hi-5's album: Far From This Earth
Pic of Hi-5 album-cover
Yennithika Ksana
Pic of Yennithika Ksana
  • Agent showcase Written In the Stars orchestral backing tracks for Masters Performing Arts College, Rayleigh, 1999
  • String arrangement for Tell Me Why, début single of the Welsh singer, Grace (music and lyric by the artist; produced by Kevin Porée at Berry Street Studio, London.
  • Μακριά Απ' Αυτή Τη Γη ("Far From This Earth") — Greek pop group Hi-5's third album, 2004, Warner Music, (went Platinum), for which Matheson did the vocal arrangements & musical direction of recording sessions for the songs Επιστροφή ("Return"), Μπούρου-Μπούρου ("Blah, Blah!") & Γεννήθηκα Ξανά ("Born Again")
Lisa Andreas at Eurovision
Pic of Lisa Andreas at Eurovision
Pic of Hi-5
Christos Alexandrou
Pic of Christos Alexandrou
Cypriot flag
Pic of Cypriot flag
Rickard Engfors
Pic of Rickard Engfors
Cypriot National Final. Click to enlarge.
Pic of Cypriot National Final
Rickard Engfors' Schlager Cirkus
Pic of Rickard Engfors' Schlager Cirkus
  • Orchestrations for a baroque remake of After Dark's chart-topping La Dolce Vita + a medley of Melodifestivalen entries for Rickard Engfors' 2005 Swedish tour, produced by Phoenix — Matheson's production team with Θανάσης Πασχάλης
  • Overture for Trafford Enterprises Business Networking Events, London, 2003
  • Fauré piano arrangements with Nasso Sopilis for Areti with the Asteria Dance Company, Athens 2006
  • Matheson's song If You Ask Me To Lie, (see Audio Samples to hear extract), interpreted live by Γιώργος Γαβριήλ, achieved 2nd place in the jury results having been selected from hundreds of entries for the Cypriot National Final for the ESC, Λευκοσία, RIK, Cypriot TV, 2006
  • Matheson is currently working on a classical Song Cycle, and is writing the lyrics and music for a musical, Apollo, collaborating on the book with Mike Parren
If You Ask Me To Lie
Yorgos Gavriel
Joy Destiny Tobing
Pic of Joy Destiny Tobing
  • String arrangements for Indonesian pop sensation Joy Destiny Tobing's hit ballad Love's Promised Land on her 4th album, 2005 (went Platinum in Thailand & Indonesia)

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